The Drippiest Threads on the Web3

Update outfits like they’re software.

I’m Ollie, welcome to my lil side hustle. As a boy growing up in Cyprus we never had phones or computers in our house. I’d walk by a TV screen in a shop window with colour and be impressed or see someone holding a CD player whilst out for a jog. That was until I moved to the UK… I found a world bustling with connectivity, efficiency and tech. I loved it and couldn’t get enough, fast forward a few years and I made my first bit of pocket money at 13 by fixing and selling modified games consoles on Ebay to strangers and was sucked in by the power of the internet. Now I’ve been working in tech for over 10 years, building business from the ground up or finding things that suck in customer journeys to unlock ‘boundless value’ and instead see the irony of the web. What should connect, divides… and I hope to highlight that in my designs whilst offering physical products for the first time in my career since those games consoles.

I create all the clothing designs, manage inventory and maintain Pouchless. I chose web design, development and Web3 as an overarching theme for my brand so if you’re in the space then grab yourself a tee!

You can touch these items unlike an NFT.

  • Hello Wolrd Unisex t-shirt
  • Blockchain Snapback Hat
  • Non Fungible Pouch Trucker Cap

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Grab a tee and make all of Silicon Valley jealous.

We don’t have a product team so we keep our tabs to a minimum.

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  1. 10/10 and love the name, my friend recognised it was Stripe immediately.

  2. The quality feels really nice, I ordered a size too big so next time its a small for me.

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