Pouchless is run by just one person, I’m Ollie and I create all the clothing designs, manage inventory and maintain this site. I chose web design, development and crypto as an overarching theme for my brand so if you’re in the space then grab yourself a tee! I run this as a little side hustle but if you have some ideas for designs you can send me a message and I’ll consider mocking up a print.

Three themes inspire all of the Pouchless designs

  • Design
    • I’ve built a career designing websites and mobile apps using tools and methods I joke about in the prints.
  • Development
    • As a designer I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of talented developers over the years and you’ll see some of the jokes I’ve head the pleasure of hearing, surface in the prints and embroidery.
  • Web3
    • My current day job is for a web3 company that created a top 5 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap so the FOMO never stops.

My twitter handle is @efesopoulos if you’d like to connect 🙂